Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Ad Campaign

Yup.  That's what the Mormon church is doing this year for Easter.  An ad campaign.  This rubs me wrong.  Am I the only one?

I don't know.  An ad campaign... for Easter?  Because... we're advertising Jesus?  Or because we're advertising ourselves--as Christians?  Or because we don't think there's enough religious art with purdy fonts declaring solemn, inspiring, religious-y phrases?  Because we think spiritual peace is something we can impart through facebook and youtube and twitter?

I guess I want us to have more respect for Jesus than to plaster him with memes (however dignified the font) and paste him in every possible social media context.

People know who Jesus is, right?  It's not to promote Jesus.  In fact, according to this Daily Universe article, the express purpose is to let the world know that Mormons are Christians.  That seems like a very self-serving political abuse of an internationally recognized holiday.  While other Christians use liturgy, ritual, tradition, readings, Lent, Good Friday, etc to celebrating and worship Jesus,  Mormons are running an ad campaign so other Christians know we're Christian.  ("Hey guys!  Look!  We're Christian too!  See--look at our two-minute ads and religious art!")

It just seems weird.